April 2011

Nik & Jay at Medley

2011-04-28 19:43

The danish hitmakers, Nik and Jay did 2 live acoustic versions of their new hitsingle Mod Solnedgangen and Engle og Dæmoner from the new album Engle og Dæmoner at Medley Studios. A relaxed and cool easter-afternoon with Jakob Groth behind the desk. The versions will be in radios all over the contry in the near future. 

Medley behind the overall no 1 in Danish Radio 2010

2011-04-28 19:24

Mads Langers version of the Olive hit "You're Not Alone" was not only a no 1 hit in Italy in 2010, but also the most played track overall in the danish national radio. Mads did the song as a challenge from the danish national radio P3 and contacted Søren Mikkelsen, to do the recording, mix and mastering in a day. The result speaks for it self - a monster hit. Congrats Mads and Søren. Read more at Gaffa.

Magtens Korridorer

2011-04-17 19:40

Magtens Korridorer just startet the recordings of their next studio album in Medley Studios. Søren Mikkelsen is producing and he expects the recordings to be finished by the beginning of June 2011. We are looking forward to have the lads in the studio.

Visit from Alphabeat

2011-04-07 20:52

The past days the successfull danish pop band Alphabeat has been recording tracks for a forthcoming album. Jakob Groth is engineering and it sounds like new Alphabeat hits. We hope they will be back for further recordings in a near future. We'll let you know...