October 2011


2011-10-21 13:13

Finally something to look very much forward to. The very anticipated album from danish rock sensation Magten Korridorer is on it's way! To be specific the new album "Imperiet Falder" produced by Søren Mikkelsen is set to release the 31th of October. In the studio we're very exited and can not wait for the three times gold/plantinum record selling band to hit the charts with their fifth album!

If you're like us and simply can't wait, you definitely won't be dissapointed to see that the band has planed a THREE MONTH LONG TOUR through Denmark, beginning in january 2012. Check out when the band stops by your neighbourhood:


Clemens is ready for more gold

2011-10-20 13:37

At the moment we are enjoying the company of danish hiphop legend Clemens in the studio. He and Søren Mikkelsen, who all ready has proven themself a successfull team with the first single "Byen Sover", are curently working on a full lenghted album which has been set to release in the beginning of 2012. But it's not just the sweet sound of new music with lots of hit potential that's filling the halls of Medley Studios these days..... After the first single "Byen Sover" feat. Julie Maria has played continuously through the summer, it has gone gold with 15,000 sold singles, resulting in a busy sum of success and happiness through the studio.

Congratulations to Clemens, who really has proven himself worthy of the title as one of danish musics most influencial forces.


If you haven't all ready then check out the amazing video to the soundtrack of summer 2011:


You can also purchase the track on itunes:


Me vs I debutalbum

2011-10-03 10:41

After 4 years of work the debutalbum with Me vs. I is finally released today at White Horse Music/ A:larm.vs. Me vs. I is Mikkel Glasser, who has been writing and recording on/off during the last couple of years at Medley Studios,  to make an album with excellent lyrics and a dreamy sing/songwriter atmosphere with a twist of synth pop. The album is recorded with Jakob Groth and Strokes producer Gordon Raphael. Please preview a buy at iTunes.