February 2012

Debut success!

2012-02-28 10:19

Thursday the 23rd of February the danish singer-songerwriter released her debut album "Lad Mig Gå Fri". On top of a fantastic release party Mathilde received some pretty good reviews from the danish media. Several stars were given and the positive response later resulted in her being placed as no 44 on the danish album chart. We most definitely recommend that you take a few minuts to listen to her album and if you like "Kom Med Mig" or "Væk Fra Denne Virkelighed" you wouldn't waste any money buying the whole album on itunes here!:


That's darn well for a debut, so we congradulate her! 



2012-02-20 11:05

We've been quite busy in the studio lately. It's because we've been working on the tvproduction of 'Voice - Danmarks Største Stemme'. The talent search has begun and we're now close to finding our newest member of the tv talent family. It's the last week of the contest and the competition is getting tough. The four coaches L.O.C., Steen Jørgensen (Sort Sol), Sharin Foo (The Ravoenettes) and Lene Nystrøm (Aqua) are pushing their finalists to the limit in trying to win them the title as 'The Greatest Voice in Denmark'. 

Since we don't know a thing about cameras and lights, we're sticking to what we know in form of recording the beautiful cover acts live and putting them on itunes for you to hear. 

If you want to listen to our last four contestants you can find all live recordings and one very special studiorecording on itunes. Just follow the link:


If you want to support your favourite finalist all you have to do is buy their single which is:

Liv Skotte - 'The Winner Takes It All'
Kim Wagner - 'All the Right Moves'
Bjarne Langhoff - 'Human'
Mathias Pachler - 'Dear Mr. President'