February 2015

Barbara Moleko

2015-02-27 08:49

In studio 3 - mainly used for mixing and vocal recordings, studio engineer Jakob Grothw was happy to have a vocal session with Barbara Moleko. Truly one of the countrys finest, and the song is amazing. Can't wait for her album to be released. 

Lucer recording debut album

2015-02-27 08:46

Within the fuzzy walls of core analog studio B here in Medley Studios, Lucer have spent the last week recording their debut album. It's gonna be rough, loud yet soft round the edges. Don't miss out on this Copenhagen rock gem !! 

Niklas Schneiderman record in the making

2015-02-06 11:37

In a world full of modern pop music with auto-tuned vocals and pad themes, Niklas Schneidermann pays his tributes to guitar based songwriting with a timeless sound. Guitars, acoustic drumkits, pianos, rhodes and live bass are the building stones for the album.